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    The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

    The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel is one of the most quircky and luxurious in the world. This hotel is located in the Maldives on a small island named Rangali. 

    Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort is part of the Hilton hotels. They offer to their customers an unique experience with the “Ithaa Undersea Restaurant”. 

    This restaurant is located 16 feet below sea level.

    As you have your meal of Maldivian cuisine, you can look up to see the beautiful marine life. 

    This is the first restaurant ever built of glass undersea.

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  • Villas

    Bali's Paradise

    One of the first dream destinations is Bali with its beaches of white-sand, its transparent sea.  This place is a paradise and a good destination to escape from a stressful life.


    Here is Taman Ahimsa Villa. Located in a front of the sea, near to the little village Cemagi on the south-west coast of Bali. Built in a rustic and natural style, it’s a private villa of 4500m². There is a lovely garden, with a swimming pool and a beautiful view of Uluwatu.


    With seven bedrooms, with their own bathroom, you will have an exclusive and luxury stay.


    Furthermore, there is a big kitchen, a pavilion for massage, room for yoga.

    About services, two kitchen chiefs will prepare wonderful plates, six cleaning ladies will take care of the house, one gardener will maintain the beautiful landscapes and five security agents.



    Miami is known as the city of dreams.


    Ideal to escape in family or with friends, this city is overflowing of activities and its sunny weather attracts many.



    You can either live an exciting adventure or just relax and enjoy the beach.


    This superb property with six rooms and six bathrooms offers a beautiful view on the bay of Miami.

    Designed with a modern decoration, many facilities are at the guests' disposal: there is a piano, a barbecue, home cinema and an impressive swimming pool.

    Near to this place you have access to golf, the beach and a place of tennis.

    To be one of the lucky ones to enjoy a stay in this villa, you will have to disburse 4.700$ per night. 







  • Tree Houses

    The Mirrorcube

    This tree house, located in Sweden, is one of the latest innovation in the hotel sector.Guests will be able to enjoy an entire immersion in nature.


    Thanks to its reflective glass, this cabin reflects the breath-taking environment surrounding it, while offering the perfect hideout among trees.


    The interior design of this cabin fits perfectly for two people. Indeed, there are a double bed, a bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace. In addition, when you are inside, six windows offer a astounding panoramic view.

    Moreover, not far away from their cabin, guests have at their disposal many facilities to make their stay as unique as possible. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in an authentic 1930-1950’s setting. Usual facilities such as a bar, a relaxation area and Internet are also available.


     The Mirrorcube is an opportunity to live a new experience. Take the bridge that leads to this unique cabin, and escape from your daily routine.


    450 euros per person per night

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    Private Islands

  • Private islands

    Necker Island


    In the heart of the Caribbean, next to the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island, the private paradise of Sir Richard Branson is a real small miniature kingdom, where you can be the lord of the world.


    Exactly as in your child’s dreams!



    On this paradisiac island, you will find a main villa and several residences to receive up to 28 people. You will have access to a spa, a drive, a kayak, a boat… On Necker Island everything is possible. You will feel at home in this extravagant and elegant private refuge, around 30 hectares. You will also find two swimming pools, a gymnasium and a tennis court.


    The price is around 39 000 euros per night.


  • Quirky bubbles 

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  • Bubbles 

    Let's "bubble"!


    Sleeping in a bubble, you think about it, but it will be transparent as a drop of water or semi-crystalline to wrap you with sweetness?


    Do you remember your last night under the stars? The sensation to be alone in the world? the majestic show of the surrounding nature under the celestial vault?


    All in roundness, bubbles invite you to dream with the night for decoration: to sleep under the stars all year round, what a happiness! Comfortably settled, your senses wake up, you live an unprecedented situation.


    Dare something new, rocked by the birdsong, between sky and earth, get close to the moon and stars for one or several nights.


    From the sunset to the dawn, shielded from your transparent cocoon put at the heart of the nature, take advantage of a panoramic view of the Milky Way and of the beauty of the landscapes in complete peace.


    Come to bubbles to celebrate an event, a proposal, an anniversary, Valentine’s day, to revitalize yourself, to make wishes under failing stars, …


    The prices start from 95€ per night to more than 200€.


    A night in an igloo..

    You are looking for an original idea for an unforgettable stay? The Kakslauttanen hotel should interest you! In the North of Finland, right in the heart of the Lapland, the complex suggests you spending one night in an igloo of snow, traditional, or glass, more modern. An at least unusual accommodation!


    For the most sensitive to cold, the village proposes also 20 glass iglooes, modern versions of the traditional houses of Lapp Samis. Completely built in a special thermal glass which produces some heat and avoids the formation of vapor, they maintain a comfortable ambient temperature. The comfort is basic, but the panorama is unique: you will benefit from a view on auroras borealis and millions of stars of the Finnish sky.


    From 200€ per night.

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  • Underground

    Cappadocia Cave Suites


    Cappadocia Cave Suites is a cave hotel located in Turkey, in the city of Goreme. The hotel is built in caves dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods, but combined with the luxurious comfort of the 21st century. The founders have the objective to merge the hotel with the nature and the environment.


    The hotel has 36 rooms, all made from hand-carve stones, which make them special and unique, in terms of conception and decoration.


    The hotel offers facilities such as baths and sauna, organizes excursions to discover the region...

     The price starts from 120€ and can go up to 300€ for the most prestigious suite.


    The Cappadocia cave is the perfect place to take a quirky break!

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